Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ask and you shall receive...

It's my great pleasure to announce I have had no furry little surprises for a few months.  Though I am delighted I have not seen more mice,  I am a wee bit concerned.  Honestly, how something so small can cause me to feel so upset and lose my focus?  How often do I allow little surprises to shake my faith walk? Shouldn't my faith permeate every aspect of my life?

Sometimes I like to think I am a woman of great mountain-moving faith.  Then I have moments where I see myself as I truly am, very human and desperately in need of more Jesus and more grace.  I feel like the disciples in Luke 17:5 asking Jesus "Lord increase my faith."  I don't just want great faith for the "big" stuff.  I need great faith for the small things because I deal with so much "little"stuff.  

A little mouse reminds me nothing is too big or too small for God.   Thankfully,  a  few traps and much prayer seemed to get rid of the intruders. 

Ask and you shall receive...Matthew 7:7

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