Friday, August 29, 2014

To Do Lists and Such

As an outsider looking in on my life, I would be stunned at the massive amount of work I seem to voluntarily pile on myself.  What sane person does that? 

I  guess I do.  I like to live in a place of utter and total dependence on God. 

If I look at what I need to do and feel confident that I can do it on my own, maybe, just maybe, I'm choosing to do things my way.  Maybe I enjoy feeling like I'm in control of my to do list.  I can cross off everything before dinner time without crying out to God for help. 

Instead, I find myself looking at my to do list knowing full well I am incapable of accomplishing what needs to be done on my own.  I am brought to my knees before a holy God.   Every item crossed off is instead a testament of God's glory and his ability to work in and through his people. 

"Emmanuel!"  I think as I look at my to-do list.  Christmas is months away, but truly God is with us. 

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