Saturday, April 6, 2013

Be Still and Jackie Chan

Yesterday, while hanging out with some  friends, we watched Lisa Chan's video Be Still.

My husband was excited about this Lisa Chan movie.  Allow me a moment to explain something I shared with him.  For those of you wondering, as far as I know Lisa Chan has no relation to Jackie Chan.  Do not watch her video expecting anything remotely like a Jacki Chan movie.  Be Still is not an action packed kung-fu movie.  There were no buildings blowing up or high speed car chases or karate chops or roundhouse kicks.

So, in her exciting, yet decidedly non-action video, Lisa reminded us of the importance of taking time to be still and encouraged us with her story.  She said: 

"We are living in crazy times where life is so full and has so many distractions and so many things to do. Every year life just gets busier and busier, and there's more things we add in and more things we try to accomplish. And in all of this madness, God, who never changes, and who always stays the same, is saying "Be Still." Well, how in the world do I do that? Why would I make that a priority?"

She went on to explain how God drew her to Him and her story inspired me to draw closer to Jesus.

When I read Psalm 46:10 and it's admonition to "Be Still,"  suddenly I feel like a 3 year old, fidgety and restless.  I think of all I have to do.  I think of the places I need to go and it's hard to turn it all off.  It seems impossible to slow down .  Luckily, what is impossible for me is possible with God.

Earlier this week as I was organizing and cleaning, I read a quote on a piece of artwork that said:

Everything changed the day she realized
she had just enough time to do all the important things in life.

This simple quote pierced my heart.  God gives me enough time to do the important things.  Am I wasting time by not listening to God ? Am I doing things but not taking time to do the important things?  When I am quiet, I am aligning God's agenda with my schedule and pacing my life with His plan.

God has something better for us than being busy.  He formed us to be fruitful.  This can only be accomplished by being still and allowing God to set the pace and the agenda for life.

Lord, help me be still.  Help me to be quiet.  I want to hear your voice. In Jesus' name, Amen

To watch the trailer to Lisa's video check this out:

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