Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vacation Memories: Sharks' teeth, Conch Shells and God's Good Plan

My swimsuit was full of sand.  I had been sitting on the seashore, scouring the shoreline for sharks' teeth.  After several days of careful searching, I continued to come up empty handed.  I used to constantly find sharks' teeth  on this island where we were vacationing.

"Where did they all go?"  I wondered.  I even prayed that God would help me find some.  Still, nothing.

I decided to end the days' hunt and walk into the water to clean the sand off of my suit.  Time to call it quits.  As I stood up and walked knee deep in the salty sea, something caught my eye.  I quickly reached down and picked up a perfect conch shell.  I had never found such a massive shell on the beach.  My heart leapt.  It was breathtaking.

I dashed back to the beach house to share the exciting news.  I didn't find any sharks' teeth, but look!  I found something better.  Something bigger.  Something beautiful.

"I personally find it very comforting I'm not swimming with sharks,"  a housemate commented when I mentioned how strange it was to not find sharks' teeth.  She was part joking, part serious.  Maybe she was mostly serious.  Come to think of it, perhaps she was completely serious.

I smiled at God's good plan for ALL his children.  God knew my housemate would be disturbed by sharks' teeth.  He knew I wanted to find something special in the ocean.  So instead of answering my prayer, he gave me something  special, beyond my wildest dreams.

Today I am reminded that God is working his good plan out in all things, not just with sharks' teeth and conch shells.  

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