Monday, September 2, 2013


I read an interesting statistic today.  Only 3.3% of Christians pray for strangers.   This saddened me because one of my greatest joys as a believer has been praying for strangers.  Some days I sit on the porch and for the people driving by as I drink my morning coffee.  At times I'll see a person at the store and pray for them quietly.  If I notice someone hurt or ill, I pray for their healing. 

Praying for strangers reminds me to not live a self-centered life.  It's easy to pray for our loved ones and of course we should.  But it takes discipline to pray for people you don't know.  It requires our focus to be on Jesus.  I like to imagine the possibility that God directs certain people into my life so I will pray for them.  I believe that God uses our simple heartfelt prayers to bring hope and change to the world. 

So, I dare you to join the 3.3%.  The world is full of hurting people who need prayer, even complete strangers.

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