Monday, November 11, 2013

Get the Bird Out

A Carolina wren swooped into our house through an open door.  Silently it fluttered from room to room as we frantically attempted to shoo her away.

At first I thought it was a bat.  My hands trembled.
"Get it out. Get it out!" I squeaked.

Then I realized it was only a bird, my jaw loosened and I gazed at the tiny thing perched on a curtain rod.
"It wants to build a nest in here," observed a friend.
 I contemplated the notion.  It conjured up visions of Snow White singing as birds flew about the cottage.
Then I shook myself.  Of course that's ridiculous in real life.  It would be dirty, unhealthy and unsafe for all parties involved.  We had to get the bird out.

Soon enough, with some chasing and flailing, she fluttered out into the dark night.

Just minutes later,  inadvertently, someone left the door open.  It was only a few inches.  Would you believe the silly wren flew right back in?  More swooping.  More chasing.  More flailing.  Get the bird out!

Once again, out she flew.
A stern admonition followed.
"You have to keep the door shut!"

I couldn't help but to think about all the times I've left doors open in my life.  Swooping thoughts of defeat or fluttering sins try to make a home.  The Holy Spirit has always been faithful to "Get the Bird Out."   I just need to make sure I'm faithful to keep the door shut.

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