Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good Deals and Freebies

Pastor John Meaux of Destiny Bible Church  caused us to start a prayer habit.  He would often pray blessings on his congregation and ask God to send good deals and freebies their way.  Bless them, so they can be a blessing.

As our family and needs grew over the years, this prayer became a theme we would pray time and time again.

"Lord, let good deals and freebies hunt us down."

Yesterday morning as we piled in the car,  my husband  prayed for protection, direction and for good deals and freebies to hunt us down.  As we were out and about, both my son and I won nice gift baskets.  Woohoo!  Of course I did my best Price is Right run to the stage as I happily accepted my basket.

Our children noted that we had prayed for good deals and freebies and God had answered our prayer.  It made a particular impact on them as my gift basket was full of toys, candy and games which I shared with them.   I'm so glad they were listening and watching that day. 

Perhaps what I love most about this prayer,  is the glory it brings to God.  How many blessings do we let slip by unacknowledged and unnoticed.  What a shame.  You see, now our family automatically thanks God for any good deal or freebie that happens to come our way.  It's become a habit of gratiutde.  Good deals and freebies have become more than a serendipity.  They are a cue to praise God.  Good deals and freebies have become a reminder of God's goodness, a reminder that prayer and praise change everything.

Do you have a cue, a trigger, that causes you to give thanks to God?


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