Monday, October 28, 2013

Glow in the Dark

Sunday mornings are never easy.  Occasionally I hear the song play on the radio.
Cuz I'm easy...
 Easy like Sunday morning.  

I scoff and mumble.  The singer must not have children.
It was such a morning at our home.  Coffee was brewing.  People were showering. And two children were putting together and puzzle in the faint morning light on the dining room floor. It wasn't just any puzzle. It was a glow in the dark puzzle.

Most glow in the dark items operate on the premise of being "charged"  by sunlight to glow.  I realized the puzzle had been in a dark box and was now in  a poorly lit room.  There was no way this thing would glow.  It needed to be charged by the light.

"I'm going to turn on the light,"  I said flipping the switch on.  "If you don't let the light shine, it wont glow in the dark."

As soon as I spoke the words, God spoke to my heart.  I must take time to get "charged" in the light: His presence and His word.  If I settle for the safety of a box, if I am satisfied with the dimly lit room, I will never glow the way I was created to glow in the dark.

Let's stay charged so we can glow in the dark.

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