Sunday, October 27, 2013

He's perfect enough...

Children have a way of remind us of all our imperfections.  Sometimes they announce it in front of everyone.  My 8 year old was listening intently as his teacher spoke.  His older brother was listening as he raised his hand and said, "That's like my mom.  She tells us to do stuff that she doesn't do herself."


Older brother recounted the incident word for word.  The eight year old stood smiling.

"What?!"  he sputtered out in sly shock and innocent self defense, " It's  true."

It took me a moment to respond.

"You're right,"  I replied, "that is why it is so important to keep our eyes on Jesus and not other people.  People will always disappoint us and let us down. But Jesus never will."

Prayer gives me perspective, reminding me Jesus is perfect enough for the both of us.  

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