Friday, December 6, 2013

When Christmas Comes Tumbling Down

The tree was sparkling.  Reds, greens and blues illuminated the room.  I was on my hands and knees when it all came tumbling down.  Literally.   Strings of lights and branches  engulfed me.  I managed to rummage my way through it all and sat disgusted.  The tree collapsed.  I realized the base was cracked when I put it up.  It was nothing a little tape couldn't fix.  So I thought.  Now here I was with a giant Christmas catastrophe.   "

"Maybe I'll just throw it all away and forget it this year,"  I contemplated.  But I could hear little voices oohing and ahhing as they unpacked ornaments.  Nope.  I couldn't be a Scrooge.  I had to strengthen the foundation. 
Foundations are pesky necessities.  They're not glamorous or glittery.  In fact, no one even notices a foundation unless there's something wrong.  The foundation of my tree was broken.  No amount of lights, tinsel or ornaments could cover up the fact that it wasn't solid. 
Kind of like you.  Kind of like me.  Broken.  Cracked.   This Christmas we can try to cover up the foundation with the razzle and dazzle.  But if Christ is not our frim foundation, it all comes tumbling down.   
Jesus be my firm foundation-
 strengthening and holding me up
 through the holidays and always  
photo courtesy of Eliana Verwers

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