Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thinking Bigger

It's easy for me to get all wrapped up in myself.  My plans, my desires, my needs seem to be reoccurring themes in my prayer life.  And  it's good to pray for ourselves.  But it's also good to think bigger.  

Recently our church was challenged to think big.  Every year we are challenged to a  Faith Promise.  The leadership asks us to prayerfully consider believing God to bring extra money, beyond what we would normally give to missions.  Essentially a promise to have faith for God to provide for missions.  After all, it's His work, right?

 Here's the kicker:  we were instructed to believe that God would provide the money to give.  It wasn't  to be discretionary income. It wasn't  to be budgeted into your finances.  It was simply a promise to be a promise to believe that God would provide extra money to flow through you to the mission field.

As we were considering what to give, my husband felt the desire to write a specific number.  He showed me the number.  I raised my eyebrows, then nodded in agreement.  God would certainly have to provide that amount!

A few days ago, I was thumbing through the mail and noticed and odd envelope.  I opened the envelope and smiled when I realized it was a check from and unexpected sources for the EXACT amount my husband wrote down.

My first thought was, "Wow!  This is God answering our prayer for the Faith Promise money for missions."
My second thought was, "Boy, I could use this for a lot of other things."
That was quickly followed with,  "Nope, this is money for missions."  

Needless to say, this whole Faith Promise experience was about so much more than the money.  It was truly a great opportunity to build my faith! 

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